Born from the dead.

Pictures say a thousand words:

Everything 3D printed or laser-cut and glued and screwed.

4 layer protection from shock, inner foam layer

air gap support

3 layer acrylic casting

outer resin gasket

3D printed shock absorber.

All screwed from inside.

screwed tightened flexible layer for holding LCD

Outer stiffness layer.

Inner Foam stiffness layer

inner foam support layer .

3D Printed hinge.

3D printed holder.

3D printed Back Support.

All screwed.

born from the dead

Born from the dead

Born from the dead

born from the dead

Born from the dead


My computer in operation theater

Since my computer broke 2 months back(Only the screen). I’ve been shuffling between my school’s big Mac and my broken darling.

HP is  such a f……r that they have given wrong part’s no. on their list and so I got delivered wrong model of screen from the ebay. Now returning it back would cost me another fortune. SO decide to use what ever I have in my disposal.

Cut down acrylic sheets and in absence of a CNC mill laser cut drains for wifi antenna and camera onboard from the motherboard. Took me a night to put them deliberately together.

Next I’m designing a shock proof 2nd layer of cover and them will print hinges(Designing is on progress).